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After a successful Kick-off meeting in Szentendre Hungary we look forward to meeting you again in March 2018. The background of this project is based on pedagogical experience which reveals that our students do not have appropriate knowledge of the community of the European Union, although they were born in one of its countries.

In order to gain community development it is crucial to support the youth to be able to participate and active in the life of the Union. To become European citizen without understanding and knowing other nations’ values, cultures and traditions is impossible.

Gastronomy will be our first station in this 3-year-long cultural journey in Braga Portugal. Let's have effective and exceptional preparation time full with creativity in the field of GASTRONOMY.

Sharing cultural features and traditions, transmitting them through learning help us to shape behaviour and belief. Traditions of different nations show the fact that we are so different from and so similar to each other at the same time. Understanding of other nations' cultures builds a bridge among the participants and teaches them to respect each other.